*Online Training*

The team at Body Improvements has been helping people via the Internet reach their health, physique, and fitness pursuits for years.  As the versatility of the Internet increases, creating and delivering customized exercise and nutrition programs to our client's email has become an extremely effective avenue for client-trainer relationships.

Specifically what our Online Training platform offers is step-by-step instructions regarding your exercise and nutrition program.  Body Improvements prides itself on effectively interviewing each client and deciding on what approach will best match each individual. 

The ideal client has access to a fitness facility allowing for a greater selection of equipment.  This said however, we are no strangers to guiding clients successfully using minimual equipment for the individual looking to train in their homes. 

On the exercise front, a program including resistance training, flexibility, and cardio will be outlined. Each factor of the program will be explained in great detail and all exercises will be accompanied by a Body Improvements instructional video.

On the nutrition front, dietary recommendations will be based on the client's lifestyle, needs, tastes and goals.  We strongly promote positive lifestyle modifications opposed to rigid diets.  Your meal plan is something we want you to enjoy.

Lastly, our favorite part of establishing the client-trainer relationship is learning who you are as a person and figuring out how to apply our expertise to your situation in the most effective manner.  As well as being your trainer, we like to be your support and source of accountability. 

Our Online Training platform gives you unlimited access to seasoned trainers at an affordable price.

Contact us today at info@body-improvements.com with questions or to learn more about how Online Training can help you.

*On-Location Training*

On-location training can be offered to anyone in the greater Philadelphia area either through in-home training, at XXXXXXXXX, or at a local fitness facility. Personal Training provides individualized attention towards the client’s needs and goals coupled with a hands-on approach.  This type of training gives a more efficient and effective workout than training on your own.  Clients become motivated through a personally designed fitness and nutrition program.  Scheduled appointments provide the discipline that is necessary for optimal achievements. All training packages include a free consultation at your house or XXXXXXXXX. The consultation will include:

Medical History
Weight and Height Measurements
Strength Test
Body fat
Client’s Goals
Nutritional Evaluation
Muscle Imbalance Evaluation


1 Session
5 Sessions
10 Sessions
20 Sessions

Contact us for more Information:
XXXXX club phone number

*Corporate Fitness Training*

Corporate Fitness Training can help your company lower health care costs, improve team morale, and maximize work performance.  Utilizing a comprehensive health promotion plan that shows your employees that you care about their well-being, the Body Improvements team will come on-site and hold educational group fitness classes and health screening/evaluations.  The group setting allows everyone to have an effective and fun solution for many of the ailments and stressors that are to blame on poor health and lost productivity at the workplace.  Please contact us for more information at info@body-improvements.com


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